What you will need:

  • One Tinkerboard (here for europe, about £53,63 + shipping cost)

  • One speedy micro SD card of 32 Gb to 64 Gb


To improve system stability and performance, we recommend a high-speed micro SD card (class 10/UHS-I or beyond).

WarningPower supply

La Tinkerboard, a hérité de l'architecture du PI, hors celle-ci souffre d'un défaut important, la prise micro-usb ne peut délivrer au maximum que 1.9 A.

Hors la Tinkerboard est nettement plus puissante et donc plus gourmande, ce qui va nous contraindre pour limiter les risques de dysfonctionnements à utiliser :

  • Une alimentation de qualité de 2.5 A ou 3 A (la nature du connecteur n'assure pas une connexion parfaite)

  • Un câble avec des connecteurs de qualité

  • Pour les accessoires astro, un hub USB alimenté avec une alimentation de 2 A

The Tinkerboard has inherited a PI power architecture which substantial pitfall being the micro-USB connector can only deliver up to 1.9 A.

Furthermore, the Tinkerboard is significantly more powerful, needing more juice. This will require us, to prevent erratic behavior, to use the following:

  • A quality power supply from 2.5 A to 3 A (type of connector does not provide reliable connection),

  • A dedicated cable with quality connectors,

  • For astronomy accessories, a USB hub with dedicated power supply of 2A.


In case you use a Power bank style battery to supply the Tinkerboard, it should be rated minimum 2.1 A.

The USB Hub is still required and must have its own independent power source.

RemarkOnly required for Tinkerboard setting up:

  • keyboard and mouse,

  • LAN cable,

  • HDMI cable,

  • External monitor or TV with HDMI input,

AdviceTo control the Tinkerboard:

A big display smartphone, a tablet, a laptop ...